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Portland, ME Moped & Motorcycle Map (Parking Spots)

Do you have a moped in the Portland area? First up, please contact me if you’re interested in starting a non-violent moped gang. I’m serious 🙂

Secondly, I own a moped and have frequently found myself wondering where the free moped/motorcycle parking spots are in downtown Portland (Old Port area). For a while, I would look at this page on the Portland website, but it’s pretty terrible and useless. I doubt the city will update it.

It’s because of these reasons that I’ve decided to create a map. This will save you time trying to figure out where the spots are. The good news is that the parking is free, and you can keep it for up to 10 hours. It’s pretty great and way better than driving a vehicle downtown.

Ok, here’s the Portland moped/motorcycle parking map.


There are almost 50 spots in total. The distribution of spots is a bit bizarre.

  • Bramhall St. @ Hill St.
  • Commercial St. @ Chandler’s Wharf
  • Commercial St. @ Cross St.
  • Commercial St. @ Union Wharf
  • Congress St @ Atlantic St
  • Congress St. @ Myrtle St.
  • Federal St. @ Market St.
  • High St. between Spring St. and Congress St.
  • High St. @ Deering St.
  • Market St. @ Middle St.
  • Middle St @ Market St
  • Myrtle St. @ Congress St.
  • 72 Oak St (Between Congress St & Cumberland Ave)
  • Pine St @ Winter St
  • Silver St. @ Fore St.
  • Spring St. – Southside near Union St.
  • State St. @ Deering St.
  • Temple St.@ Free St.


In conclusion

There’s a heavy concentration of spots downtown. If you want to park near India Street, have fun. Yes, if you park in a parking spot they will ticket you. Yes, if you park on the sidewalk, they will ticket you (this was normal when I lived in Boston, but not here).